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About iCarPark

iCarPark continues the best traditions of "Take Me to My Car" app. iCarPark with just one tap allows you to save your parking spot, so that next time you start the app, you have walking directions to your car in front of you! If you park in a garage, it helps you remember the spot. If you park on a meter, it will keep track of the time for you. If you have multiple cars and/or bikes or want to remember your way back to some meetup spot without losing information about your car, now you can keep track of it all! Moreover, if you get inaccurate location information, you can now drag the marker to adjust parking position. Finally, you now have the option to use satellite hybrid map that helps you navigate even better!

On top of the functionality provided by the free "Take Me to My Car" version, you get:

And you get simple, clean, yet slightly improved map interface of the beloved "Take Me to My Car":

Instructions on how to use

When you save your position from any of the tabs, iCarPark saves the following information:

Notes tab

Notes tab

This tab is most useful when you park in a garage or parking lot. You can set the level, section, row, and spot with spinner controls and enter some plain text comments in the Notes field. For example, if I parked in section H on level 2 of a parking garage at a big a shopping mall, I would set section to H and level to 2 with possibly a few comments, such as "At the south entrance to Macy's". As soon as I press "Set Position", my coordinates, notes, and current time will be saved. So if you switch to Map tab, you will see the car marker now set to the current position. Likewise, if you switch to Time tab, you will see the current timestamp next to "Time Set".

Time tab

Time tab

This tab should be used whenever you park on a meter or in a garage when you know you can't stay past a certain time. Use the hour and minute spinner controls to set the time duration you can park your car for and press "Set Timer and Position". Pressing this button will save your coordinates, time, notes (if you had any entered in Notes tab), and start the timer. As soon as the timer starts, you will see the seconds ticking down.

Note: Next time you start iCarPark, the timer will continue ticking down as before if you still have time left, but the hour and minute spinner controls will be reset to 0.

Map tab

Map tab

This is probably the most useful tab. It displays the map with your current position and your parking position (if you have previously saved it), allows you to adjust parking position coordinates, and navigate back to your car. Your car is represented on the map as a small red BMW 1 series and your position as a red flag. Your position gets updated in real time as you walk and you can center the screen on your position by pressing the button with the flag on it. If you want to save your current position as a parking position, you need to press the button "Park Here". Then your exact position along with the current time and notes (if you have previously entered them in Notes tab) are stored in memory. To find your way back to your car, you only need to press the "Calculate Route" button and you will receive actual walking directions. Also as long as you have previously saved your parking position, the application will display approximate distance to your car underneath the map. Finally, note that by default, when application loads the map, it will automatically calculate walking directions back to your car and center the screen on them.

If iCarPark did not fully zoom on the directions and you just want to change the current zoom level, you can pinch in/out to zoom in/out on the map. Pinching in/out works as in the standard Maps application. However, note that iCarPark map interface does not support double tapping to zoom in. Everything else works as in the standard Maps application. You can scroll up/down/left/right by dragging your finger in the corresponding direction.

Dragging marker in Map tab

The accuracy of the obtained position is displayed underneath the map. If you try to park with the accuracy of less than 150 meters, the application will warn you saying that the accuracy is not precise enough. However, it is normal that sometimes you may not get good position accuracy due to the weather, position of satellites, or tall buildings around you. Moreover, those of you who have iPod Touch or non-3G iPhone will almost never get accuracy better than 100-200 meters. For this purpose, iCarPark allows your to drag BMW marker to the position you think you are currently in. Simply tap on the car marker and without lifting your finger drag it to the position you want. Once you lift your finger, iCarPark will ask you if you want to change your parking position to the position where you have just dragged the marker. If that is what you intended to do, press yes and your new parking position will be saved (again along with current time and notes).

As a final word of advice, I'd like to warn you that if you save your parking position by dragging the car marker and then save your position from notes or time tabs, the position where you dragged the marker will be lost and instead your current coordinates will be saved instead. To avoid this situation, save your notes and time information BEFORE you adjust your parking position on the map.

Settings tab

Settings tab

iCarPark allows you to keep track of up to 5 different objects/locations and for each object/location iCarPark stores coordinates, notes, and time information. The settings tab allows you to switch between objects (i.e. cars, bikes, etc.) and rename objects. In addition, by toggling the ON/OFF switch for "Show Satellite Maps?", you can switch from standard map view to satellite hybrid map view or vice versa.

Edit location in Setting tab

Tapping on one of the objects/locations brings up Edit Location menu which allows you to rename location and/or switch to this location. You can rename location/object by typing a new name in the title field and pressing OK button. If you want to make this location/object active, before you press OK, toggle the Activate Location? ON/OFF. Toggling the switch for a currently inactive location/object will automatically deactivate previously active location/object and make the selected location active. If you are editing a currently active location, Activate Location? ON/OFF switch stays disabled.

Have questions/feedback? Contact Info

If you have any questions or feedback about iCarPark, please send me emails at "takemetomycar [at] gmail [dot] com".

I'm a graduate student at Stanford in my real day life. Developing mobile applications is one of my many passions, so I'm here to receive criticism and/or positive feedback from you guys about my application.